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Hope I Don't Go Back by E-40 from the album: The Element Of Surprise

E-40: Hope I Don’t Go Back

Blood On The Leaves (feat. Tony Williams) by Kanye West from the album: Yeezus

Kanye West (feat. Tony Williams): Blood On The Leaves

Zoom (feat. LL Cool J) by Dr. Dre from the album: Bulworth Soundtrack

Dr. Dre & LL Cool J: Zoom

I'm So Hood by C-Bo from the album: Money To Burn

C-Bo: I’m So Hood

"I’m outta Sactown/The crown on the hat town"


"Oh God, why did she have to happen?  And just when I was doing so good without her." — Paul Kemp, The Rum Diary

Do You Feel Me by Anthony Hamilton from the album: American Gangster

Anthony Hamilton: Do You Feel Me

Square Dance by Eminem from the album: The Eminem Show

Eminem: Square Dance

Gimme The Loot by The Notorious B.I.G. from the album: Ready To Die

Notorious B.I.G.: Gimme the Loot

Top Billin' by Audio Two from the album: Hip Hop Essentials (1979-1991) - Vol. 10

Audio Two: Top Billin’

187 On 24th Street by Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo from the album: Blocc Movement

Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo: 187 On 24th Street

This Blocc Movement album, a collaboration between Sacramento’s two most successful rappers — C-Bo and Brotha Lynch — brings back lots of memories, and this particular song was like ghetto gospel to most of the people I knew back in what many scholars and scientists refer to as “the day”.

The lyric: “Cuz Blocc niggaz don’t sock niggaz/They shoot niggaz in the back” was a pretty accurate description of what things were like in the Garden Blocc in the late-90s.  During the 2000s, the Garden Blocc calmed down a bit (or maybe I calmed down), but when I was a teenager, you couldn’t let your guard down between 21st Street and 29th Street because songs like this were not an exaggeration. 

Anyway, I’m not sure why I went off on a descriptive tangent here.  I only meant to post the song because it reminds me of hanging out with my friends back in Sacramento.